Fountain of Hope Ministries
Jinja, Uganda

Robert Sityo, Executive Director and Pastor
[email protected]
Robert Sityo is from eastern Uganda and lives in a region that is predominantly Muslim.  God has called Robert from a young age to preach the gospel and reach his community.

Robert is a 2016 graduate of Wheaton College Graduate School, having received a Billy Graham Center Scholarship for international students
After seminary in Uganda Robert felt that he was being called to start a church in his Muslim community.  He began preaching the word of God in his home village in 2003.  For eight months his wife, Sarah,  was the only person who came to hear him preach...but he wouldn't give up.  Together they prayed and fasted, seeking God's help and answers about how they could start a church and teach the Muslims about Jesus. 

God spoke to Sarah through a dream and told her that they should start a school.   Having no income, Robert sold the only thing he had, a small piece of land.  With that money, he rented a building in town and he and Sarah started a school with 7 Muslim children attending in 2005. ​ Now, years later, the school has over 1300 students, mostly Muslim children.  Over half of the school attendees are now believers in Jesus! 

In addition, Robert not only built the church he dreamed of in Bukeeka, but has been leading local teams in an effort that has planted 16 additional churches in other unreached areas in Uganda since 2005!  The Bukeeka church is booming with new Christians.....a typical Sunday brings about 550 people together for worship. God is blessing another large church in nearby Jinja.

Bukeeka benefitted not only from the Church and school, but, as a result of Robert's efforts and prayers and  God's goodness, a generous farmer from the U.S. heard about Robert's endeavor, and now the area has electrical power and water!
On a personal note, Robert and Sarah always wanted children, but after 11 years of marriage, they still did not have any of their own.  Many years ago, they began adopting Ugandan orphans. After conducting a funeral service for a local couple from his congregation, Robert read their will, which said, "We leave our five children to our pastor."  They decided this was the way God would give them a family. Those 5 children and 13 more, since then, have been adopted by Sarah and Robert.  They now have a total of 18 adopted children! In fact one of his married sons is now a pastor. 
In 2014, while Robert was studying at Wheaton College Graduate School, he prayed that Sarah would get pregnant, as she was unable to get pregnant.  That spring, Robert went home for summer break and to everyone's surprise, God answered their prayers.  Sarah delivered TRIPLETS 9 montha later. They are thrilled and their growing family is doing very well.
Through Fountain of Hope, a tremendous outpouring of God's grace is flowing in these communities .  Hundreds of Ugandans have found Christ, churches are sprouting up, and these villagers' spiritual needs as well as basic needs for food, clothing and other essentials have been the top priorities.