Child Sponsorship
Uganda has no government infrastructure established to care for orphaned and abandoned children and elderly people.  Religious organizations are the only source of help for them.
The number of orphans in Uganda is estimated at approximately 2.6 million.  These children are homeless and impoverished.  They need care and education.

With the help of Grace Giving International, a sponsorship organization from the west coast has been generously giving to Fountain of Hope Schools and directing your sponsorships for the school children that could not attend school without sponsors. Each year we are able to find 25-30 new sponsors.

Sarah Sityo, Robert's wife oversees the sponsorship program and she tells us that there are over 500 children waiting for a sponsor. She oversees the communication that you can enjoy with the child that you support. 

Child sponsorship provides life saving essentials for these children such as, food, medicine, clothing, hygiene, education opportunities.

A donation of $30/month will sponsor a child in Uganda.  A sponsorship donation can be in any amount.....sponsor a child for one month or sponsor a child for one year for $360.