From Church Planting to
Training and Mentoring

As the new churches were born, hundreds of Ugandans came to faith in Christ, many from Muslim backgrounds. The baptisms took place like in the book of Acts, immediately following the services. The churches grew, property was purchased or bartered for construction and soon people were meeting regularly. Presently there are close to 3500 members of the 16 True Worship Centers since 2004.

There was one assignment on the minds and hearts of the Fountain of Hope leadership team. Teaching those who God might call into leadership that they would be able to preach the Word of God correctly and have a sincere heart of compassion and care for the people. 

Robert founded the Bukeeka Evangelical School of Theology (BEST) and his teaching team has graduated 164 leaders and pastors since 2018. Presently 84 leaders are enrolled. They meet at various churches and schools 3 times each year. God answered the need with fresh and enthusiastic leaders. They appreciate being mentored as they lead these churches.