The story of Fountain
of Hope Schools

Throughout the first year of the Bukeeka school (2004) with only 7 children permitted by their parents to attend, it was clear that the Muslims in the community did not want either a church or a Christian school in their village.  In the school, they were not permitted to talk about Jesus or to pray.  Robert and Sarah did not let this discourage or intimidate them.  

One day, one of the Muslim girls who attended the school asked Robert to pray for her to be healed from a long standing illness.  This child had begun to believe in God's power, and going against the ban on prayer, believed that prayer could heal.  The student returned home that day healed and told her parents of the miracle.  Learning of this, some parents/villagers secretly started asking Robert and Sarah to pray for them and their families. 

In spite of the fear, anger and threats the school started to grow as word spread about the loving teachers, the power of their prayers, the high academic achievements and the opportunity to learn English.  By the end of 2006, the primary school in the rented building, grew from 7 children to 69 students.  In 2008, through the financial assistance of Grace Giving International Robert bought some land and built  a two classroom structure for the primary school. 

After the students completed primary school, they needed to walk 20 miles to the closest high school from Bukeeka.  So in 2011, Robert split the land he had purchased and started a high school for approximately 400 studernts!  Today there are about 1300 students attending the Fountain of Hope primary school and secondary schools.  Over half the students are now Christ-followers. The schools have high scores in National Testing and win many athletic championships..  God is blessing Fountain of Hope Schools with excellent Christian faculty as well.